Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Summer Night Swim

Last  night we had our first summer night swim of the year. It is quickly heating up in AZ which means the pool is basically bathwater. It was my nephews birthday yesterday and his part is scheduled for Saturday but it was nice to see him yesterday. He hasn't been sleeping great so when my sister asked to come over and swim to tire him out before bedtime I knew Everly would be excited to have them over. She loves her boys. Cam is such a good little swimmer and his brother is pretty crazy in the water too. Everly is finally getting more comfortable with her puddle jumper and is pretty proud of herself too. Yesterday she kept saying, "Look! I'm turning. Look! I'm floating." It only took her a year! Aspen even had fun splashing around and then peed on me after, haha. It was a nice little mix-up to our week. I think with two full-time working parents and kids too young for school yet, there is not a ton that differentiates summer from the rest of the year, but nights like this definitely help. Happy 4th Birthday, Cameron!

dangerously cute
also, dangerously cute.
My mom stopped by and Everly on the right is working on her back float.
IMG_8032  IMG_8017

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