Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Weekend in Review

Last weekend was a hot and fun filled weekend. It started Saturday morning with me doing a 5-mile run with my sisters. That heat is really hindering the summer runs. I was getting faster but that has stalled because of the heat. Glad to be injury free, though! The rest of Saturday was spent at home picking things up. We also made a quick trip to get Cameron's birthday surprise and the girls took a ride on Dumbo at Toys R Us. My sister also came over and took Everly and Cameron for a pre-nap swim. It was kind of nice to have a quiet lunch at home on Saturday. After nap-time we headed to Anthem for Cameron's birthday. It was toasty. The kids had fun which is what is important but I prefer indoor activities or being in a pool, haha. Lots of friends came out to celebrate Cameron. The kids played in the splashpad and took a train ride. Everly loves playing with Rylee who is just a couple of months younger. On Sunday morning Justin ran in a Father's Day race and we met him afterwards for breakfast with my mom and sister. Everly and I went grocery shopping and then she made a father's day mug for her Papa. Later we went to Valle Luna for Father's Day dinner. Justin's sister and her family met us there and it was a nice dinner. There is just never enough time on the weekends, is there???

two little fishies
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IMG_8141 IMG_8151
Happy 4th Birthday Cameron!
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