Friday, June 26, 2015

The Greatest Show on Earth

I recently won tickets to the Circus so last night we ended up going. I would have never bought tickets but they were free and I knew Everly would love it. My sister-in-law met us down there since Aspen didn't need her own ticket. Out seats were in the lower-level so I can't complain. We even made it before the show started! Recently Everly had been talking about acrobats so I was excited for her to see some. Aspen wasn't feeling that well (and still isn't today so we are going to the doctor) but she was actually pretty good. She started to get fussy and so I just stood up with her and she was fine. Personally, I like Disney on Ice better (and Frozen comes in January!!!) but one of the upsides to the circus is that they sell beer! We ate before the show but we did buy a snow cone mostly for the souvenir elephant cup (which I plan to eat ice cream out of later). I really liked the elephants because they are so smart and the poodles were kind of cool too. Everly got really into some dancing at one point but by the end of it we were all pretty tired. Everly also asked for my phone during the show so she could take a picture of the animals. It was pretty funny. It is always hard to do things on week nights with two working parents and two kids but it was a pretty fun night and I am glad we went and that Carly was able to go with us!

Inspecting her sweet potato fry at dinner.
Getting ready for the show to start!
IMG_8212 IMG_8211 IMG_8210 IMG_8224
my girls
smarty-pants elephants
snow cone!
I see the tiger at the zoo all the time but these were some big kitties!
BMX bikes...I think one guy screwed up, too.

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