Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Prowl & Play at The Phoenix Zoo

Saturday night we met my sister and her family at the Zoo for a special Prowl & Play night. Normally the zoo closes at like 4 p.m. and we actually usually go right when it opens in the morning but this night it was open from 5:30-8:30 for this special event. My sister had apparently been before, but I had never been. It was very busy. There were long lines to buy tickets which I didn't understand because you can buy them on your phone and you don't even have to print them but whatever. It was hot. When we first got in we went straight to the train. I had not been on that tour in forever so it was cool. After that Cameron was hungry so we sat down and ate the dinners we packed before heading to the splashpad. The splashpad was packed but the kids had fun so that is all that matters....right???? After the main splashpad we walked to the smaller splashpad which was also packed. Aspen pounded a pouch (because she does that now) and there was a huge line to see the (fake) Anna and Elsa but we pretended they weren't there. Everly saw them in Disneyland so she should be set for life now! Before leaving we took the kids on the blow up waterslides. Even Cam went down with a little help from Kim. They really loved this! We also took a ride on the carousel. Aspen was not a huge fan and Everly does not even need me to go on with her anymore. I would not go to this event again because it was so hot and so packed but the kids did have fun. I will stick to my early morning zoo trips!

We turn the camera and she just lights up!
Safari Train!
IMG_7846 IMG_7848
IMG_7860 IMG_7858 IMG_7850 IMG_7862
IMG_7871 IMG_7875
Aspen pounds 3.5 oz. fruit & veggie pouches now.
IMG_7879 IMG_7885 IMG_7890 IMG_7900
Teddy face first splashing cracks me up!
IMG_7908 IMG_7918
the little 3D theatre at the zoo shows a short of Ice Age and the kids liked posing next to Sid.

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