Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Weekend in Review

This past weekend we did not have a ton on the schedule but it was still a fun and productive weekend. It started off Saturday morning with a 5 mile trail run for me. I ran with my older sister, friend, little sister, and her boyfriend. It was muddy and we got a little rain, but it was so good. Love starting the day off with a run and love having other people to run with. When I got home the girls were super cute and got in some play time on Ev's top bunk. Later that morning I met my sister at Lakeshore Learning for the free-craft Saturday. They do a free craft every Saturday from 11-3 and this week it was making a hot air balloon. The kids had more fun playing with the kinetic sand display but hey, fun is fun. We also had my niece's son Remi for a few hours on Saturday so when the girls and I got home from crafts they got to play with him for a little bit. He loves both of the girls. Everly loved the attention and didn't want to take a nap. Aspen was a little scared by his (completely normal) baby grabbiness. It was cute. Saturday night we went to dinner with my mom and sisters and on Sunday we basically spent all day at home cleaning. Justin ran in the morning and I left for a bit to do grocery shopping but the girls were home all day. Sometimes you just need to have a day with nothing on the schedule and that was nice. We already have a lot on the schedule for this upcoming 3-day weekend so last weekend was nice to catch up!

Saturday morning trail run.
IMG_7095 IMG_7099IMG_7101 IMG_7096
She was wearing a hot air balloon onesie! Haha!
playing and fighting
Remi and the girls
sorry remi, you are surrounded by girls!

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