Friday, May 22, 2015

Fire Station Visit

Last week my sister mentioned she was going to take the boys to get a tour at a local fire station that one of our old high school friends works at. I asked her if she would take Ev with her and she said yes so today Aspen went to daycare and Everly went to my sister's house in the morning so she could go tour the fire station with them. Everly loves to do anything with her cousins and I am pretty sure all kids love fire trucks so she was pretty excited. I wish I could have gone too but I am glad I have family that is willing to do these things with my kids. My mom and other sister ended up going as well. The kids got to ride on the truck through the neighborhood, play with the hose, tour the house and see where they sleep, and look at all of the equipment. I briefly talked to Everly about it on the phone and she seemed to have a good time and by the looks of the pictures my sisters sent me they all had a blast. Great start to a long Memorial Day Weekend!Thanks Jen, Fire Station #35, and to all of the police officers, fire fighters, and men and women in the armed services that keeps us safe!

IMG_7239 IMG_7238
IMG_7240 IMG_7247 IMG_7241 

so cute!
  IMG_7244 IMG_7243

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