Monday, May 4, 2015

Home Depot Kids Workshop

This weekend we attended another free workshop at Home Depot. This time the project was building a cute little picket fence photo-frame. It was kind of mother's day themed as this would be a great gift for mom's. My mom and Doug met us there with the boys. It really is cool that they host these for free. I was wearing Aspen the whole time but I actually ended up building one of the frames for the boys. Cam was running around the store for a lot of the time but he actually did really well when it came to painting time. No one did as good at painting as Teddy though. That kid is a little artist. We had to kick my mom out because she started building one and a nail was sticking out. We just scrapped that and started over. I think they turned out really cute and the kids had fun. Best of all, it's free!

IMG_6571 IMG_6577
boys painting
IMG_6600 IMG_6602
We are mean parents and made her take a pic with the glasses on.
Riding out to the car with Cammy!

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