Thursday, April 30, 2015

Video Update

I am trying to be good about remembering to upload videos of the girls. I am always paranoid that I am taking too many pictures or videos of one kid and not the other. It is so hard to keep track. Anyways, recently we have been trying to teach Aspen some new baby things. She is so close to saying mama and we have also been trying to get her to put her arms up when we ask her how big she is. We have also tried kisses (I have gotten a few), waving, and clapping. I remember this stage with Everly and it is so funny to watch them learn. We should probably work on signing more too. It is also funny to watch Everly try to teach Aspen. The first video below is Aspen sort of saying mama and the second is Everly trying to get Aspen to put her arms up for "so big!"

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