Monday, April 13, 2015

A New Baby Cousin

Last Thursday night my sister went into the hospital to be induced at 2 days past her due date. This is my sister's first baby and they did not find out the sex ahead of time so we were all extra anxious for the arrival. She ended up having the baby Friday evening and we were there ready to enter once things calmed down and she fed the baby. It was a ............................................................... girl! Her name is Mae Ann Cimino and she weighed 7lbs and 13oz. She was very alert while we visited. Teddy and Everly had too much fun playing with the peanut ball to the point that we had to take it away from them. All the kids gave baby Mae kisses. It definitely only took seconds with a newborn baby to make my little sweetie Aspen look like a giant! Also, Everly had been predicting that baby C would be baby Mae so she was definitely happy to be right! I don't know what we would have done if it was a boy. She probably would have had a threenager melt down so we lucked out! I have already bagged up some bows but need to go through a ton more girl stuff to give to my sister. We are also going to have a sip and see for her this weekend so all the friends can meet baby Mae so there will be lots more pictures to come! Welcome baby Mae!

crazy toddlers
The Cimino Family
IMG_5915 IMG_5920
Grandma got the baby first of course!
He's kind of a pro with girls now.
IMG_5924 IMG_5929
Cousin love <3

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