Monday, April 27, 2015

Pat's Run 2015

This past Saturday I ran my 7th Pat Tillman Run! This year I ran along with Justin, my sister Kim and her husband Doug, and my two sister-in-laws, Carly and Stephanie. Everyone had run it before except for Kim and she was actually running in place of Katy who had surgery and couldn't run. Katy and my mom watched the babies so we could all run. I normally don't like such big events, but I have learned how to manage the big crowds and handle this event so I still like it. We lucked out for the 2nd year in a row and got cool overcast weather. It was still warm and sunny at points but not too bad. I wasn't putting any pressure on myself to finish at a certain time but I knew I had a chance of beating my best pats run time from 2013 and I did. Only by 23 seconds (4.2 miles in 34:40), but still I am very happy with that. I am getting faster each week. It feels like it has taken forever but I am getting there. When I was 7 months post-partum with Everly, I ran my worst ever Pat's run here. At 7.5 months post-partum with Aspen, it feels pretty good to have gotten my best time in this event mostly because I know I can get an even better time. Hopefully that happens next year! Last year when I ran at 21 weeks pregnant I felt like I had to pee the whole time (read here) so it was nice to run without that pressure, too! After the run we got some free promotional items and Justin took Everly into the Kids Zone to go on a bouncy slide before we left. Of course, getting her to leave after that caused a threenager meltdown and then she passed out in the car on the ride home, haha. Never a dull moment!
my pre-race fuel (banana with some natural PB)
IMG_6364 IMG_6366
In corral 2 of like 20 something corrals and Justin and Kim before the start.
Right at the start of the race
patsrun3 patsrun4
Kim finishing on the left and Steph and Carly after the race on the right.
After the run. I was pooped!
Everly being 3 and Aspen in the same Sparky onesie the Ev wore 3 years ago.
IMG_6376 IMG_6383
Me and Aspen on the left and Kim, Katy and the boys meeting the Chic Fil-A cow on the right.
IMG_6378 IMG_6389
Cam spinning the Wells Fargo prize wheel and Ev climbing the bouncy slide.
IMG_6390 IMG_6388
Ev sliding down the bouncy slide and passing out in the car after!

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