Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Munch Mitt Product Review

Aspen still has no teeth but I would definitely say she is teething. She has had some feverish evenings where she is needy and unsettled and I swore we would see a tooth pop through, but nope, not yet. She is also drooling a ton and has her hand in her mouth all of the time. We have given her ice cubes in her mesh feeder and a bottle where the nipple is filled with frozen water and those have worked for periods of time but we recently got the opportunity to try a new teething product called a Munch Mitt. It is a little glove that you put on one hand and it has a textured silicone end for them to chew on. This is great for babies like Aspen who like to put their hand in their mouth. She immediately loved it. The glove part is also made out of a material that makes a crinkle noise so it is entertaining while soothing. It is really funny to watch her go to town on that glove but I am glad it makes her happy. It is also machine-washable so that makes life easier, too. It comes with a little bag so we can just throw it in the diaper bag and bring it with us when we are out. We are definitely Munch Mitt fans!

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