Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Shamrock Farms Easter Egg Hunt

This past Sunday we made the trip out to Shamrock Farms for a tour and Easter egg hunt. This is our second time attending this event and we like it a lot. It is a really far drive for us (80 minutes) so the fact that we would willing drive for this is proof that it is fun. Here is a post from our trip last year. It is great because the kids learn about the animals and get to experience a farm, but they also get to enjoy an egg hunt as well. All the kids are guaranteed to get eggs also which is nice when there are older kids around. Last year I was pregnant with Aspen, too so it was fun to take her for her first time. She was such a good little baby...as always. All of the kids did great picking up eggs and Teddy actually tried to cheat and start early, haha. The kids also were a lot more enthusiastic about feeding the calves during that part of the tour. I think Everly was much more timid last year. Teddy even got a lick on the head from one of them when Doug wasn't looking. Teddy and Everly also could not pass up a chance to get their faces painted and the lady who did it was awesome. We wanted them to get cows but Teddy picked a tractor and Everly picked a sparkly rainbow...toddlers! It was a great morning and we also got to see a calf being born, too !

Everly bossing Teddy around before the tour.
IMG_5529 IMG_5453
Playground fun.
My people.
IMG_5465 IMG_5467
Watching the cows getting milked.
IMG_5486 IMG_5484 IMG_5480 IMG_5477
IMG_5539 IMG_5512
Right after he got licked and that cow doesn't look like he was done..
Just posing for no reason...
IMG_5526 IMG_5545
Free chocolate milk after the tour!
Me and sleepy Aspen with Roxie the Cow
IMG_5547 IMG_5548
Me and Cam loved our ice cream.
The whole group.
She loves those sparkly shoes.
IMG_5571 IMG_5580
These cheese balls! Love them.

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