Thursday, March 19, 2015

Warming up with a Zoo Trip

For Valentine's Day my mom renewed the girls Zoo membership and since it got warm recently they turned on the splash pad at the Zoo so we made a big family trip last Sunday morning. I know we go to the zoo a lot, but surprisingly I am not sick of it. It is pretty big with lots of things to do and the kids love it. I guess I really am a mom because I really enjoy doing things that make my kids happy and zoo trips are one of them...especially in the summer. I love how much fun the kids have running from animal to animal and splashing around in the water. On this trip we got to see the tiger, lions, baboons, orangutans, elephant, cheetah, jaguar, and African wild dogs. We shockingly even made it out without a ride on the carousel. It was a fun trip and no surprise that Everly fell asleep before we even made it on to the freeway.

IMG_4996 IMG_5009
Under that white sheet is one of the orangutans playing games.
IMG_5021 IMG_5022
Aspen don't care about the tortoise behind us.
Checking out the Jaguar.
IMG_5025 IMG_4998
IMG_5008 IMG_5005
If there is a fountain, she needs to drop a coin in it.
IMG_5043 IMG_5042 IMG_5041 IMG_5040 IMG_5036

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