Monday, March 30, 2015

Wedding Weekend Fun

I absolutely love weddings. I think if I could do anything and not be worried about money, I would totally love to work in the wedding business. I just think they are wonderful. This past weekend we attended a wedding for a girlfriend of mine. I went to her bachelorette party in January and had a blast and was so excited for the wedding. It was also kind of like a date night for Justin and I because we were out without kids so that was nice too. Of course, I missed my babies but I know how important it is for us to have time for ourselves as well so we definitely enjoyed ourselves. The wedding was absolutely beautiful. The weather was great. I loved the colors. It was simple, and classic, and very well done. The food was yummy the company was great and it was just a really fun night. I especially thought all of the parent/maid of honor/groomsmen speeches were awesome. It was also slightly weird for me because this was the first wedding I attended since becoming a parent and it actually was different. When I saw the bride's mom and dad I started to see things from their perspective and how it was also their big day too. It's weird to think about that being Justin and I someday...a long, long, long time from now! Thanks to my mom and sister for watching the babies for us so we could attend!
IMG_5403 IMG_5412
Our group of ladies and my sister at 38 weeks pregnant.
Beautiful centerpiece.

Sending off the couple...except they didn't actually leave, haha.

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