Friday, March 6, 2015

Great Stuffed Animal Sleepover 2015

On Tuesday I met my mom and sister at the Juniper Library for a special family story time. This library normally has family story time on Tuesday nights but this week it was a special animal sleepover story time. The kids were asked to come in their pajamas and to bring a stuffed animal that would spend the night at the library. You then pick up the animal the next day and find out all the activities it did without you. I took the girls right after picking them up from daycare. I even changed them into their pajamas in the parking lot, haha. Everly was really excited and picked a Mike Wazowski stuffed animal to bring. Together, we picked out a small Minnie Mouse for Aspen to bring. Teddy showed up with Snoopybut was pretty skeptical from the beginning. During storytime they read stories about bedtime and sang some songs and danced. They made little tags for the animals as well as eye masks out of construction paper. When it came to the end of the class and time to leave your stuffed animal, Everly couldn't do it. Teddy was also hesitant, but Everly straight up melted down. She kept saying Mike would be scared (obviously she needs to watch Monsters, Inc. again). I finally convinced her to just let Minnie Mouse spend the night so we put her on the table next to Snoopy. The next morning my sister picked up Snoopy and Minnie Mouse with Teddy and they had a printed sheet showing the stuffed animals playing board games and racing in the book carts. They even had a picture of Everly putting Minnie Mouse on the table. It was super cute and I am so glad we went and that my sister invited me! We love the Phoenix Public Libraries!

IMG_4641 IMG_4649
Waiting patiently for story time to start
IMG_4650 IMG_4655
Aspen was an angel and Cam got all excited when Grandma arrived. She was standing next to me as I took this pic. Look at Cameron stare!
IMG_4657 IMG_4660
Shaking their sillies out.
Teddy cooperated but was very skeptical.
Crying about leaving Mike and then finally giving up Minnie Mouse.
The summary the library provided when you picked up your stuffed animal. So cute!

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