Wednesday, March 18, 2015

6 Month Update

Yea, I'm in shock too! I can't believe it has already been 6 months since our little baby entered the world. She really is a little angel. On Monday she officially turned 6 months old and on Tuesday she had her 6-month check up (with 4 shots). She definitely cried for the shots but it was already time to eat and so I just fed her immediately after and she was fine. She did get a slight fever last night and the spot of the shots was a little red but she handled it pretty well and we gave her a little tylenol to help. She is still really tiny (13lbs 5 oz.) but also growing in a lot of ways as well. She is officially in size 2 diapers and 6 month clothes. She is sitting up for around 15 seconds like in the picture above but still very unstable. She is a pro at rolling over back to belly and belly to back and uses that to scoot all over the family room carpet. She still sleeps great through the night and still loves having a blankie (it's really the cutest thing ever). My favorite thing is how she gives me more kisses than anyone else. I just love it! We also started her on solid foods about a week and a half ago. We started with soft boiled egg-yolk and she has also tried avocado and green beans (homemade). She is doing great with the egg-yolk now but still gags at the avocado and green beans, so we are being patient. We also made some sweet potato to try next. She had her last baby-splash swim class last Sunday and while that was sad, we are excited to have our Sunday's back as I also had my last soccer game that day. We are looking forward to her first easter and hopefully by next month's update she also has a new cousin (my sister is due April 7th). 

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