Tuesday, March 17, 2015

St. Patrick's Day 2015

Today I took Aspen to her 6-month checkup so I actually had time to take some pictures this morning. I didn't dye Everly's milk green or make her a St. Patrick's themed breakfast or anything, but I have a 4 leaf clover tattoo, so I pretty much win every year. Also, Justin has corned beef and cabbage soup cooking in the crockpot so he wins, too. The girls were super cute this morning and very well-behaved. I absolutely love having a little extra time like this with them in the morning. Also, last night Everly got a card in the mail from my cousin/her godmother with some St. Patrick's Day stickers and I know she is being treated to some fun St. Patrick's Day crafts/activities at her Aunty Kim's house today so I think St. Patrick's Day 2015 was a success!

Aspen at Aunty Kim's
Everly last year vs. this year.
Everly 3 years ago (5.5 months) and Aspen today at 6 months old.

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