Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Zoo Day

This past Sunday My husband's employer had a special employee appreciation type event where they gave out tickets to the zoo. We are already members and get access free but we signed up for it anyways and gave the tickets to his sister and niece and her baby so they could join us. It ended up being really cool. The company had an area roped off for the employees with free snow cones, popcorn, and cotton candy. They also provided $10 in zoo bucks with the tickets. Since my sister is also a member she joined us as well with they boys. It was not too hot and the kids had a blast as usual. We spent some time with the snakes this trip which was fun and of course we hit up the splash pad. This was Remi's first time at the splash pad and I think he liked it! The water is still pretty cold but that doesn't stop any of the kids from having a blast. Well, maybe Aspen because we have to remove her when her feet start turning purple! With the zoo bucks Everly got to pick out a toy before we left and I did not have a problem with the binoculars she picked out. They were not expensive and not annoying like a lot of the other toys I would have expected her to pick out so I was happy. It was a fun day and I am glad we went and everyone was able to join us.

the 3 amigos
IMG_5994 IMG_5983 IMG_6009 IMG_6011
These two want to do everything together.
happy Cam!
zoo fun!
The girls skipped the carousel this trip.
IMG_6057 IMG_6076
The way Remi is looking at Everly kills me!
The diaper queen.
Aspen and Remi!
Ev and her pink binoculars!

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