Friday, April 24, 2015

Sip N See for Miss Mae

Last Sunday Justin and I hosted a Sip n' See for my newest niece Mae along with help from my mom and sister. Hosting people can be a lot of work, but this actually turned out really well. I sent an evite out less than a week in advance. It was very informal, but I just wanted every to get a chance to see the new baby without overwhelming the new parents. We provided coffee, bagels, donuts, and a few other treats and people were welcome to come and go when they could. Lots of girls from our soccer team were able to make it and my brother even made an appearance. It was also a good chance for some of my sister's co-workers to visit with the baby. We even managed to snap a pic of all 5 grand babies on the couch together so that alone made the party a success.

The Larkins girls sneaking in some Mae time!
From left to right: Mae, Everly, Aspen, Teddy, and Cameron.

IMG_6233 IMG_6231
IMG_6232 IMG_6234

IMG_6230 IMG_6235 IMG_6236 IMG_6239 IMG_6294 
IMG_6238 IMG_6240 
Rylee and Ev playing and Cam and Aspen watching Little Einsteins. 
Ev is already trying to steal Mae's toys.

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