Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

I had a great Mother's Day this year. It started off Sunday morning by Everly surprising me with a present she had made me at school. Justin signed her up for a ceramic painting class at school (secretly) and she painted me a pink vase. The school also had a card made with her picture on it that was so sweet. This was my first year getting a school project/present from her and I loved it. I can't wait to put it in my office. Aspen even surprised me with a little present of her own. Justin grabbed the baby monitor to show me that she had gone from laying down to sitting up all on her own in her crib. We went in to see her and she just had this super happy smile. She is just one happy little angel and I loved that she had that present for me, too. We got ready and headed out to meet my family for breakfast at Scramble in Scottsdale. With such a large group it is hard to sit down for breakfast so Scramble works great because we can all order separately but still sit together. It is also faster than a full sit-down restaurant which is good for impatient toddlers. It was so nice so we sat outside. We shared gifts and enjoyed the yummy food. The restaurant was down the street from the train park so after breakfast we headed there. The full park hadn't quite open yet but the kids enjoyed the playground until the train started. Justin and Doug rode with Teddy and Ev in the little crate right in front of the caboose. I remember loving riding in that when I was little so it is fun to have Ev experience that, too. We also took a ride on the carousel before heading home. I was able to get in a nap on Sunday afternoon which was my #1 request so I was happy. I am pretty sure my nap was longer than Everly's too, haha. Sunday night I requested garlic bread for dinner so Justin also made some soup to go with it. It was delicious and totally hit the spot. I am pretty proud to be Mom to Everly and Aspen and feel so lucky to have them in my life. I am also so lucky to have my mom and sisters and sisters-in-law to support me in the (never-ending) journey that is motherhood. I definitely have a great support system and I am not afraid to admit how much they help me mother my girls. I hope all moms felt appreciated yesterday because it definitely is the most important job you will ever have!

my present from Everly
my present from Aspen
the whole group
IMG_6949 IMG_6950
Everly obsessing over Mae and My mom opening the present my sister had the kids make for her.
Ev liked this...Ted not so much.
IMG_6952 IMG_6962 IMG_6963 IMG_6964
All the babywearing.
Justin sent me this of them inside the crate during the train ride.
She is a charmer.
IMG_6966 IMG_6969
Me, Aspen, Cam and Kim
Thanks for the photo bomb, Doug.
IMG_6978 IMG_6982 IMG_6988 IMG_6999
Both of my sisters with their babies. 
me and my sweet girls.

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