Thursday, May 7, 2015

Mortgage Burning Party

Last weekend our church had a "Mortgage Burning" party as they recently paid of their mortgage. It's a pretty big deal and very exciting. I heard that they may be putting this money towards building a school which would be really awesome as well. The party had dinner and blow up bounce houses and lots of fun activities. They had a selfie station where you could take pictures with The Pope and even a beer garden with $1 beers! The downside was that it was pretty hot out, but the kids still had fun. Since it ended pretty early and was still warm, we decided to take the kids to a splashpad after. They had fun and got to cool off a little. I just love spending time with these babies!
IMG_6664 IMG_6668 IMG_6670 IMG_6673
IMG_6674 IMG_6679
packed house
mmm beers!
IMG_6749 IMG_6754
Us with the pope and Ev and Ted posing in a car.
IMG_6755 IMG_6765
Cam loves bouncing and Fr. Jim "burning" the mortgage.
IMG_6772 IMG_6774 IMG_6779 IMG_6792

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