Thursday, May 14, 2015

Zoo Trip

Last Friday I took the day off from work. I had an appointment to follow-up with Aspen's ear infections and another appointment for my hair, but I wanted to make sure I took advantage of the day off with the girls so we headed out for a morning zoo trip. The weather was amazing. Normally it is already crazy hot this time of year but it was overcast and cool and even rained after we left the doctor's office later. We didn't get to use the splashpad but I am not sad because there will be plenty of those days in our future. I did want to check out the new little 4-D theatre at the zoo but the timing did not workout right and we weren't able to on this visit. Next time, for sure! When we got there they had a Tegu lizard out that you could get up close with. His name was Tango and Everly liked him. I rarely go down to the kids area and petting zoo because it generally annoys me, but I made the exception and went down there that day. My mom met me at the Zoo with Teddy and all 3 kids played together in the little activity room that they have. The giraffes were very close to the front of the exhibit so that was neat to see, too. It was a short (for us) zoo trip but the kids had fun and the weather was perfect so it was a success!

Tango the Tegu
IMG_6844 IMG_6845
Killing time before Grandma and Teddy arrived.
Up close with the giraffes.
IMG_6848 IMG_6847
Making my mom push the double up the hill to see the elephants. Haha.
IMG_6849 IMG_6851
They look sweet, but they were fighting.
                     IMG_6859 IMG_6861
so much fighting over this tractor...
IMG_6868 IMG_6867
A sweet moment
These two picked to ride on the lame bench on the ferris wheel. Can I get my money back? Also, no idea what they are doing with their hands???

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