Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Aspen's Ear Surgery Update

It has now been 2 weeks since Aspen had her ear surgery. Yesterday she had her follow up visit with the ENT Specialist/surgeon. Justin picked up Aspen and then they picked up Everly and headed to the appointment. The doctor said her infection has cleared up and everything looks good. In these past two weeks she has clearly started hearing better. She is making more sounds and trying to say new words. She will now pretty much try to say anything we ask her to. She always says "kitty" when she sees Oscar and sometimes says "meow" too. She yells mama and papa all the time and loves to make noises when she plays with her cars. Before the surgery, we knew Aspen was more quiet then her sister but now after having it, we know she was not hearing well. Hopefully we caught it soon enough and her speech continues to develop. While surgery is never an easy decision, especially for kids, I am so glad we made the decision to have tubes put in her ears.

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we love our squishy Aspen!

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