Thursday, January 14, 2016

iphone Repair

Last month while on a hike I dropped my iphone straight down on a rock and cracked the corner of the screen. I did not have a case on it because it fits better in my waist belt without the case but normally I have an OtterBox on it. I was bummed but lucky the crack was only in the corner and when I put my case back on you could barely see it. I knew I would fix it eventually so I could trade it in when I get a new phone next fall but wasn't in a super rush. Then a week or two later, I was tossing Justin's phone onto the table behind our couch and it just slid right off and onto our tile floor. The ENTIRE front shattered. I felt like an idiot and I felt even worse because I had now shattered two iphone screens. I told him I would fix it but then as the weeks passed I was having trouble finding the time to take it and get it done. I have like zero extra time during the week and the last thing I want to do on the weekend is wait around for my phone to get fixed. Luckily, we were recommended to go to Mobile Matrix Repair because the owner used to work with my brother-in-law. I should have gone sooner. Zack was super nice and fast with both phones. No, it is not cheap, but it is cheaper than filing an insurance claim on your phone and definitely cheaper than a new phone. Unfortunately, these parts are expensive, but to help prevent this from happening again, Zack put tempered glass screen protectors on both of our phones so we should be set! Also, he does fix other phone brands and tablets as well if you need to fix one of those and is located in the Fry's parking lot at 59th Avenue and the 101. Here is our before and after:

Untitled Untitled
Justin's on the left and my little crack on the right.
Untitled Untitled
New screen and screen protector!

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  1. Luckily we have a local guy who does the phone repair and we had the exact same issue. He was really great at taking the phone apart and fixing the crack without issue. He did tell me about this new liquid screen protector that is so tough you can't drill through it with a power drill. I love my new phone.

    Alison Henderson @ Expert Computer Repair Philadelphia


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