Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Weekend in Review

Another busy weekend for us! Of course it started with a run for me early Saturday morning. I was a little worried since I tweaked my knee last weekend but I ran through it and I was really proud of myself for finishing it. We don't have a long run scheduled for this weekend since we have a soccer tournament so I am looking forward to the break (and my knee is too). While I was running my mom and sisters took Everly to the Playoff Fan Central since we have the College Football Championship in AZ tonight. They had gone to the NFL one last year when we had the super bowl and had a lot of fun. I wanted to go too but I am glad they could take Everly since I had to run. After that we met my sister at a birthday party out at Makutus Island. It is a wacky little place but the kids loved it. Everly insited on doing the bungee rope jumping trampoline thing so I let her. She had fun but could use more practice, haha. I could have used a nap after that morning! We stayed at home Saturday night and then slept in Sunday morning! We got some cleaning and shopping done and then I got in another hot yoga class which I am hoping will help me recover faster from my long runs! Hoping this week goes by fast because then I have a 3-day weekend!

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Pre and Post run.

Making sure we stretch this time!

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Thanks for taking her with you guys!
Had to bungee jump!
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Sunday Morning Brekkie!

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