Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Weekend in Review: Lots of Sports!

Our long Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend was great and filled with lots of sports. It started off Saturday morning with an Itty Bitty Golf Tournament put on by Phoenix Parks and the Junior Golf Association of Arizona. Teddy actually got a golf set for Christmas and Ev liked playing with it too so they were pretty excited. It was cute and they tried to teach the kids about the sport of golf but their attention span is still short, haha. It was a bit cold for Cam and Aspen to really enjoy it but we got to take the clubs home so they can play more whenever they want. They also got free snacks afterwards too which was nice because I feel like Everly is ALWAYS hungry now. After the golf tournament I headed out for 2 of my 3 soccer games for the weekend. On Saturday night we went to my sister-in-law's house to watch the Cardinals game. It was a very exciting and eventful game and she made yummy shredded beef so it was a fun night. On Sunday morning I had my last soccer game because we did not move on through the tournament. It was good exercise though and I got Monday off so I wasn't to mad about it. On Sunday night I took my first restorative yoga class and it was really good but intense. You hold the seated poses for 3-5 minutes and I think my body needed that. On Monday morning I slept in a little but still got in a 10k and 45 minutes of lifting at the gym. It was nice to take my time and not have to rush. We also got a lot of cleaning done on Monday which always makes me feel better. I was even able to sneak in a hot yoga class last night. Usually we plan something for the kids on our day off so it was nice to just take that extra day off and do what I wanted to. Looking forward to the short work week.

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Go Cards!
Of course we saw the Nebraska fans at the Cards game.
Saw a coyote during my run Monday!

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