Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Home Depot Kids Workshop

Last Saturday we went to another free Home Depot Kids Workshop. I feel like we were just there! June flew by. I was going to be by myself for this workshop because Justin was working so I got to home depot with the girls early and we were the first ones there. I also had Aspen in the cart with an iPad for most of the time. It was a super easy project, too, so we survived this one. The project was an Ice Age bowling alley for the new Ice Age movie coming out. After the paint dried we put the stickers on and Ev did a little bowling. It was so funny because the little ball that came with it had little indents where a real bowling ball would have holes and she was trying to hold it correctly. I am sure we are going to lose the pins and ball in no time but it was fun! My sister ended up getting there as we were finishing but it was still not that busy. Lots of people must have been out of town for the fourth. Our win!
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