Thursday, July 14, 2016

Traveling with 2

Before we even booked our flights I knew that traveling was not going to be easy. Everly had flown twice before (first flight here) and did pretty darn good both times. We were not worried about her at all. We packed lots of coloring books, workbooks, and then Nintendo along with downloading some new movies/apps so she was set. Aspen had never flown before this and is in a very independent and spunky stage right now at almost 2 years old. Because of this, we made some choices to make things easier for ourselves. First of all we booked our flights with my sister and brother. This really helped when it came to baggage and having an extra hand. It would have been so much harder without them. Aspen had a really hard time flying. On the first flight she got sooo worked up. She wanted off the plane. Her little heart was beating so hard. Finally we got her to drink some milk out of her sippy cup and she gave up and fell asleep on Justin. When she woke up she was not happy but we were able to entertain her with the ipads for the remainder of the flight. On the second flight she put her blankie over her head and went to sleep. It was soo cute. We rented a car in New York and brought our own car seats because you can check them for free. It worked out well. On our flights back their was some bad weather in Charlotte so we got delayed in Albany for an extra night. That sucked. We just wanted to go home. The next morning on our first short flight Aspen fell asleep right before takeoff and woke up when the plane landed. I had my Wildbird sling on to wear her in and she reached for me and opened up the sling to climb in while we caught our connecting flight. It was the cutest thing and I love that sling so much. The last flight from Philadelphia to Phoenix she got herself worked up again for about 30 minutes before Justin got her to sleep again. After that she was good again but we were so glad when we were finally back home. Hopefully she got that first flight out of her system and does good whenever we fly again (no plans for that right now). We do have a drive to California in October but she has done well with that before so I am not too worried. Here are some pics from our traveling:

Untitled Untitled
We had a 5:05 A.M. flight!
Untitled Untitled
Calm before the storm.
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We were able to borrow a pack and play from my aunt which was awesome!
Untitled Untitled
thank god for Justin!

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