Thursday, July 28, 2016

Sedona Trip

Last week I went up to Sedona for a couple of days for a work conference. Last year Justin and the girls came up as well (here) but this year it was too hard since we had just gone on vacation so I went up by myself. I definitely missed the girls (thank you facetime) but it was nice to have the time to myself. I got caught in some REALLY hard rain on the drive up which was not fun in my Prius, but once I got up it was so nice and cool. I just love being up there. I also got up early one morning before the conference started and got in a hike to Devils Bridge. I had never done it before and went completely by myself. There was not even anyone else on the trail because I went so early, which was a little weird at times because I wasn't sure if I was going the right way, but it was so beautiful at the top. Sedona is awesome and I am so glad I got the chance to go again this year. Here are some pictures and a little video from my hike:

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Had to use the self-timer to get this picture!

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