Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy 4th of July!

Hope everyone is having an amazing 4th of July! We are busy getting ready to leave for vacation tomorrow but still got in a little 4th of July celebrating. Yesterday my sister and I did a hike in the morning and then we spent the rest of the day getting things ready for the trip. At night we went to watch the fireworks at Wet n' Wild water park. We just parked at the place where we play soccer at which is right by it and it worked out great. We have gone to Anthem before but I was not interested in driving that far plus those fireworks didn't start until 9:30. These were supposed to start at 8:45 and did about 5 minutes after that. None of the kids got scared and all of them seemed pretty into it. Well, except Nora. She fell asleep right as they were starting and was not waken from them. I was kinda surprised Aspen was not scared but she did great and kept saying "wow" and "pretty." My sister also had sparklers and poppers for Teddy and Everly and they had fun with those. We were back home and in bed before the Anthem fireworks would have even started so it was a definite win and that may be our new spot to watch fireworks! Have a safe and happy 4th of July!

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