Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Norris Family Reunion 2016

We are back! After having to stay an extra night in Albany due to a delayed flight to Charlotte, we are finally back from our trip for my family reunion in New York. I have lots of pictures and fun to share (I turned 30!) but here is our whole group. I think we added 11 new people to the reunion this year compared to 3 years ago for a total of 48 Norris's. This is my mom's side of the family and both of my grandparents have passed away but I think it is pretty cool that her and her 5 siblings have kept everyone so close.
All 48 of us (no one missing) in Lake George, NY.
The top is 3 years ago at Keuka Lake compared to the current group.
The top is 3 years ago of my immediate family and the bottom is all of us now 3 years later. (3 more babies and 2 significant others).

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