Monday, August 1, 2016

Cousin Zoo Trip

Last Friday before Justin and I headed up north for the weekend I met my brother-in-law at the zoo for a fun morning. My sister couldn't go because one of my nephews had therapy, so I picked up my other nephew to bring with me. Thankfully I had a lot of help from my brother-in-law while we were at the zoo. I also bribed the kids with donuts which helps as well. I love that the kids get to play with their cousins so often. I can't image living far from family. The zoo was hot but surprisingly not that bad. We got to see the mountain lion walking around which almost never happens as well as the tiger laying in its pool. We couldn't leave the zoo without hitting up the splash pad. I totally left Teddy's swimsuit in the car and didn't even bring a swimsuit for Aspen (thanks swim diaper) but we still had a blast. I think we were out of the zoo by 9 AM before it got way too hot. Love our summer zoo trips!

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Driving with 3 crazies and Mae with a donut pointing to her ear after she heard a plane.
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These four <3
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Mae trying to climb in the lake
love seeing the tiger with these guys
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