Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Norris Family Reunion: Water Fun!

While up at Lake George for the family reunion we got in lots of water time. We actually got a decent amount of rain while we were there which maybe bummed other people out but us Arizonans love any rain we can get so it didn't bother me. The kids did a little swimming at the pool at the cottages which was convenient. Our family rented a boat for our time there that we all shared so we could take it out on the lake and go fishing. Also, we almost found out the hard way that you need fishing license to fish on Lake George. Tony talked us out of a ticket, thankfully. I don't fish but I had fun out on the boat exploring the lake. Some of the family also went out to Million Dollar Beach with the kids to let them swim and play in the sand. We obviously don't get a lot of beach time in Arizona so that was good for the kids. It was a really pretty lake and much bigger than Keuka is so I am really glad we got to experience that.
IMG_6669 IMG_6675 IMG_6805 IMG_6734 IMG_7746
IMG_6762 IMG_6882 TonyFish TonyKatieFishing AlexBoat
Capt Bob IMG_7729

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