Wednesday, August 31, 2016

GCU Soccer is Back!

Last weekend we went to my sister's first home game for her last year at GCU. This was also their first game in the brand new soccer stadium on her campus so it was really fun. There is obviously a lot more seating and shade which is nice and I think they did a really good job with the stadium. The kids love going to the games and watching Katy play and it is usually free so it ends up being a fun thing to take them to. Aspen was napping at this time, so I took Ev by myself and met my mom and sisters there. Ev had lots of fun playing with her cousin Mae who scared the crap out of me on the concrete bleachers cus she is so dang clumsy! Thank god she is a tough little chunk cus she falls down all of the time. We will be back out there this Friday night to watch her play again and hopefully it will be a little cooler out!

they lost 3-2 :(
Untitled Untitled
 the big kids!
love these two!

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