Friday, August 26, 2016

Nora's Baptism

Been a little MIA this week due to a nasty stomach bug but I wanted to pop in and share some pictures from my niece Nora's baptism last Sunday. Both my sister and I were sick that day so it was interesting for sure. Nora was a little angel though. I feel bad because we were not able to host everyone after for lunch but it was just too much. We barely even managed to get a group picture but thankfully we did get that. Nora is wearing the same gown we were baptized in that was my great Uncle's as well as Cameron, Everly, Teddy, and Aspen. This was our first baptism at St. Thomas More and it went well. Much faster than the last one at St. Paul's. I wish I had felt better that day but Justin and I are so happy to be Nora's godparents! Also, thanks to my mom and sister helping with the kids during mass. Could not have done it without you!
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