Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Projects around the house

There are a lot of things we are still doing around the house as we get more settled in. This weekend we got a few little things done. One of them was reorganizing the play room a little. It is a huge room. We moved the art stuff all to one wall of the room and her kitchen on the other. A girlfriend of mine threw her son a circus themed 1st birthday and had this Big Top Canopy Tent set up over her son's high chair for pictures while he ate his cake. It was super cute and Everly was obsessed with it at the party so the next week she brought it into work for me. At the time we didn't really have a space for it but it makes the most adorable little reading corner in the play room along with the green rug from Everly's nursery.

A lot of the items in Everly's nursery don't look right in her new big-girl room but some of the art still looked good so we were able to hang some of that this weekend too. I am glad we are still able to use some of it.
We also added a chalkboard wall in the play room as well. Like I said, the space is big, so why not. Justin put up some baseboards as a frame and threw up some chalkboard paint. We will probably end up painting the frame but I think it looks great!

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