Monday, June 30, 2014

Weekend in Review

This weekend was another fun filled one. I tend to do a lot of the same things on the weekends at least in the summer(hike/run, splash pad, zoo, pool, family time). I got in a hike Saturday morning with my little sister and let me tell you, it is getting harder. Everly and I made a smoothie for her again and then we met her grandma and cousins at the splash pad. On Sunday evening we went to church and then out to dinner with my sister and nephews. They are too funny those two! On Sunday morning we got up very early to go to the zoo. As members we get in an hour early which means we can enter at 6 AM in the summer. That is pretty hard to do,  but we did get in before 7. We left the zoo around 9:30 and Everly fell asleep in the car shortly after. She stayed asleep until lunchtime! That AZ sun will wipe you out! We had a nice afternoon running errands and baking cookies and then ended the weekend with a dinner at home with just the 3 of us. This week will be a short one with me having an appointment tomorrow and then the 4th of July holiday on Friday! We plan to go see fireworks on Thursday night and then attend a pool party with friends on Friday night. Yay for 3 day weekends!
Have I mentioned how much I love that Everly gets to grow up with her cousins?!?
Cookie Monster!

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Weekend in Review

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