Thursday, July 3, 2014

A New Baby!

Don't worry, its not my baby yet! Still got a couple months left before she arrives. This week my niece (Everly's cousin) delivered her first son. His name is Remington but we are just calling him Remi, so I hope that's okay. It is hard enough to get Everly to say baby Remi, much less Remington. We like the name Remi too because it is my nephew Teddy's middle name (Remy) which was named after my grandfather. Remi was born at 7 pounds 10 ounces and 21 inches long. He just seems like the perfect little angel baby. I know he cried right after birth but I don't think I have heard him cry since! As soon as Everly first saw him in the nursery she said, "I love him." She definitely likes the attention from all the aunts and uncles to be on her, but she was very sweet with baby Remi and she kept saying, "he's so little" and "he's so cute." Everly has recently become more close with her cousin Teddy (it's really love/hate) as he can play and interact with her more now so it will be fun to see how her and Remi grow up also. If I am not going to have a baby boy of my own, at least I am lucky to be surrounded by so many cute little baby boys!

Yea, sorry about this shot. From minute one of this pregnancy my boobs have been out of control...but look at how sweet Remi is!
Babies hugging babies is pretty much the cutest!
Giving him a kiss on the head. She was so gentle with him!

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