Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Weekend in Review

Justin had this past weekend off (it usually is every other weekend although he never works on Sundays) and it is always nice to have him home. We didn't have any big plans and it was a pretty nice weekend. On Saturday morning Justin went for a run before I went to the gym and then when I got back we all had eggs and toast for breakfast. It is so funny because all 3 of us eat our eggs differently. Everly has one egg scrambled with toast and jelly, I have two scrambled but I mix in tomato, bell pepper, and onion and top with a little cheese and tobasco and Justin had some kind of fried concoction on top of toast with cheese and hot sauce. We don't get to sit down together and eat breakfast during the week so it was nice to on Saturday. Later we went to lunch downtown to celebrate a friend's birthday. Everly is just at a really fun age and she constantly cracks us up. When we took the picture above at lunch she said we were squishing her, haha. On Saturday night I went to mass by myself because Everly was still napping and to be honest it was kind of nice. Sometimes it is hard to listen and focus during mass with a toddler and then I feel guilty after because I am Catholic. After church my sister and the boys came over for a night swim with lots of jumping in. Those kids are crazy. Saturday night we got a CRAZY monsoon storm that woke us up and my sister even lost power for a little. There was so much thunder and lightening!
Sunday morning we all slept in a little longer than normal. Also, I guess I must be nesting because we got a lot of cleaning/re-organizing done that day. We have a pretty large 2-car garage (at least compared to our last one) and we weren't fully utilizing it. It also kind of became a dumping ground during the move. Now it looks awesome and there is more room to get in and out of the car which will be extra nice once I have to carry a baby in a car seat in and out of the car. No real updates on the nursery, but in cleaning out the garage we moved more baby stuff upstairs and did set up the bassinet/mini pack'n'play next to my side of the bed in our room. Our new room is so much bigger which makes it a lot easier to have that in there and not be cramped. Saturday night we had a nice dinner at my sister's and played Cards Against Humanity for the first time. Oh man! That game is funny, and thankfully we did not invite my mom to play.


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Weekend in Review

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