Monday, July 21, 2014

Prescott Trip

The lack of posting last week was due to the fact that I was in Prescott for work. I went up on Tuesday and left Friday afternoon. On Thursday afternoon my sister came up with all 3 kids and hung out and spent the night before heading back Friday. Luckily the drive is not bad, otherwise I would not do it alone at 33 weeks pregnant. It is only about 90 minutes and totally worth it because it was like 30 degrees cooler. I really enjoy Prescott because it is not that far away, it is a complete change from Phoenix, but it still has everything I need like a Starbucks and Target, haha. I stayed at the Prescott Resort and the room was great. The hotel had a gym so I was able to still get in my workouts and I enjoyed the break from the normal work week, although it will probably take me all of today to get through my emails from being gone 4 days! Before my sister got there I really tried to enjoy the quiet time in between conference sessions. I finished a book, watched a movie on Netflix, and cleaned my makeup brushes. On the afternoon she arrived we took the kids to a playground and park and went on a little walk. That night we took the kids to Peter Piper Pizza and they had a blast. Teddy got a truck, Everly got a princess crown and Cameron got to play basketball. All three also ate really well for us (minus Teddy squeezing his milk, Cam shaking his applesauce pouch, and  Everly spitting her milk out after drinking it too fast). It's funny because even when they are awesome and having fun and do really well, it still looks like a hot mess! We weren't sure if they would have fun with all of the games but they really did so now we know we can go again! After dinner we went to the center part of town to fill up a growler of local beer for Justin and they were having an orchestra play in the center of town just outside the courthouse. We hung out and the kids had a blast. Cam enjoyed relaxing and listening while Teddy and Everly enjoyed chasing after each other and running in the grass (which we don't see a lot of in Phoenix, especially in the summer). Everly had a little nightmare that night but other than that everyone slept pretty good. The boys had their own little suite with their pack and plays and did surprisingly well. We had bagels outside and then played a little at a park before heading home. I am so thankful that my sister brought the kids up and I hope they enjoyed it as much as I did.

View from the hotel. 
Head massager!
Getting into my makeup in the hotel room. 
IMG_1194 IMG_1197 IMG_1201

Practicing for when she has three of her own...haha. 




Everly said he looked like Minnie!
Cutest little town
Everly knocked Teddy down and he just laid there like a corpse. It was hilarious. 

Pajama boys
IMG_7765 IMG_7768

IMG_7780 IMG_7784

Kisses for Mommy
IMG_7788 IMG_7789

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