Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July 4th Weekend 2014

Shirt made by Everly and her Aunty Kim.

We had a wonderful July 4th weekend. It started Thursday night when we tried to see fireworks in Anthem. The wind/weather got too crazy and they didn't end up having fireworks but it's really hard to be upset because we love the monsoon weather (minus the humidity). On Friday we were invited to a pool party at house that my friend was house sitting at. They had a pool with a zipline, a splashpad, and a great backyard for entertaining. We had a water balloon toss contest which my sister Kim and her husband won and there were bubbles and sparklers, too. We all brought our own food to grill and Justin made his delicious potato salad. Everly had a lot of fun, especially with the homeowner's little dog, Magic. We are not really little dog people but it was sure cute to see her play with him. It was a really fun night for everyone and we saw lots of fireworks on our drive home that night. Holidays really are better with kids!
Immediately he plopped down in this spot. He loves sports!
She got her Uncle to put these on for her and it was hilarious. Also, she got a little crazy with the chips and dip!

Playing in the splashpad with my sister's boyfriend, who they all love!
Justin on the zip line trying to land in a tube.

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