Saturday, July 19, 2014

My 28th Birthday

My birthday this year was very low-key. I am very thankful to be pregnant and healthy, but birthdays just aren't as exciting when you can't do everything you want. Instead of planning something big we just decided to save my birthday for the weekend and have breakfast and do some pottery painting. On my actual birthday I did take advantage of free coffee from dutch bros and I brought in delicious Lamar's donuts to work. A couple of my co-workers also took me out to lunch which was super nice. We went to Zoe's kitchen and I know it's simple, but I love their greek salad plate with hummus and it definitely hit the spot on my birthday. Some of my family also stopped by that night and brought me presents. I had also recently won a giveaway online and my prizes came on my birthday so that was fun as well! On Saturday we went to one of my favorite breakfast restaurants called "The Place." We actually live super close to it now, which is kind of dangerous. I don't even get anything crazy there, but they just do breakfast good. I love their bacon and Justin loves their breakfast burritos. Everly had Mickey cakes and apparently not enough eggs because she wanted more!

When I was pregnant with Everly, Justin and I went on a date night and painted some pottery for her nursery which you can see here. When deciding what to do for my birthday I thought it would be a great idea to paint items for Aspen's nursery so we headed to As You Wish. Everly has been kind of obsessed with painting lately so it was exciting for her as well.  Everly painted a tile, Justin painted an elephant, and I painted a little jewelry box. It ended up being a pretty great birthday. Also, thanks to some of my family member's gifts I was able to get new running shoes finally!

 I won a Solly Baby Wrap for Aspen and Freshly Picked Moccs for Everly!






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