Thursday, July 31, 2014

Toddler Talk

I am horrible about documenting all of the hilarious things that Everly says but I did manage to write a couple down this week. They are both money related, which should not be a surprise considering Justin is a banker and I work in an accounting office.

Everly to us: I need to go shopping.
Me: You need to go shopping?
Everly: Yea.
Me: What do you need to buy?
Everly: Monies.
Justin: Can you get me some? 

Everly: Can I have $50 dollars?
Me: For what?
Everly: 20 minutes.

Also, the picture at the top is from when I gave Everly her taco salad for dinner this week and she looked at me and asked, "Where is the guacamole?" Girl knows what she wants, I guess.

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