Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Nursery and Toddler Room Updates

On top of getting some laundry done last weekend, we made some more progress on the nursery and on Everly's room. Justin finished re-painting one of Everly's bunk beds so we set it up in her room. This bed will actually be the top bunk one the other is finished (hopefully next weekend). Justin picked up some plain sheets to put on her bed until we figure out which bedding we want to go with. Everly (and Oscar) loved the bed. She immediately had to lay in it and jump on it. This also allowed Justin to take apart the crib and put it back together in the nursery. We have a lot of toys and other baby items (bathtub, bouncer, swing, bumbo, etc.) that we need to move out of the nursery and then it won't look so crazy in there. It is probably a little smaller than Everly's nursery was, but with the playroom across the hallway I am not worried at all. All she really needs to do in there is sleep and store her clothes! Hopefully I can get the rest of her bedding ordered this week and then we just need to work on decorating and art. My sister is going to help me make a tassle garland and Justin is going to make another mobile. Just over 6 weeks to go!

Loves it!
He owns everything.
That wall totally looks black but it is actually navy like her crib sheet.
The dresser is starting to fill up with cute baby clothes!

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