Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Weekend in Review

When Sunday night came along, I actually thought to myself, that felt like a good long weekend. I never feel that. I am lucky to not dread my job. I don't hate going to work on Monday mornings, but I do love spending time with my daughter and husband and usually feel like there is never enough of that. We didn't even do anything spectacular last weekend, but it was just productive and relaxing at the same time. On Saturday morning I went on an early morning hike with my sister and friend. I am slow, but I get it done. It sucks that things that were once not as hard, are more difficult for me now, but I enjoy mixing up my workouts with hiking so I plan to keep doing it. I hike with a Nathan Minimalist backpack that I bought for long training runs and I love it. I can hold way more water than I need and also have my phone and keys. I don't think they make it anymore because I bought it on zulily but this is similar. It is only June and people have been dropping like flies already hiking in AZ. I know sometimes stuff can happen, but I generally don't hike alone and I go early and I try to be prepared. Late Saturday morning my mom brought my nephews over for a swim before lunch. Cameron got to try out his new puddle jumper and he did awesome and seemed to enjoy the freedom. Later that evening we went to church and Everly was wearing a diaper, but told us she had to pee as we were leaving and actually peed on the toilet at church instead of in her diaper. It is really funny how pee can make you so happy when you become a parent. Everly made a lot of progress potty training this past weekend so I am feeling a lot more confident I will only have 1 in diapers come September!!! After church we ate dinner at Desert Ridge and let the babies play in the splashpad. They love it. The next morning we went grocery shopping and hung up a ton of art around the house. We also got a good cleaning done downstairs and it felt really nice to have that done. Apparently that exhausted Everly because at lunch she barely finished her PB&J before passing out in her high chair. We ended the weekend with a nice family dinner at home. Love weekends like that!

Post-hike sillies
Big Boy Cam turns three next Monday!
Being sweet in Church
Splashpad cuties
Always shops with accessories
The wall of keys returns

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