Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Maternity Pictures

A few weeks ago I had my good friend Jamie take my maternity pictures. She also took Everly's newborn pictures which you can see here and she took pictures of me before my wedding along with helping plan it. She is pretty awesome! I know it is totally unnecessary to take maternity pictures but it is a good chance to get family pictures and I did them when I was pregnant with Everly so I kind of have to be fair and do them again. Also, I am aware that I did these much earlier in this pregnancy. I got bigger earlier and I felt more comfortable taking these pictures before I started swelling up and becoming extremely uncomfortable. It was hot, but it is only going to get even more hot so that was another motivating factor in getting them done early. We took the pictures at Lake Pleasant. I absolutely love them. There are too many good ones so I am just sharing the photo book I made with Shutterfly. I will also probably eventually order a canvas from Fabness.com. They are fast and local so I can pick it up instead of paying shipping. Oh and they are VERY affordable also.

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