Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Mall Trip

One of the things we love to do on weekend mornings in the summer is go to the mall. It always cracks me up when we get there early and no stores are open but there are plenty of people there. Apparently it is common for people (generally elderly) to get there exercise in by walking laps around the mall. I get it, I guess. It's air-conditioned and that is the same reason we are there instead of outside at a playground. Anyways, Justin had an appointment at the apple store that morning so it was perfect. My sister was working but my mom met us with the boys and they all had a lot of fun. This 5 or 6 year old boy came up to Everly and asked her if she wanted to play tag. She got shy and didn't say anything but it only took a couple of minutes before she was giggling and chasing him. It was so cute. Cameron had a blast as well and was a little giggle monster. The play area is right next to the Disney Store so we obviously went in there after. We often don't buy anything in there but Everly loves it and calls it the princess store. We walked around the mall a little more and took a ride on the little carousel before visiting the puppies and heading out. Everly almost passed out before lunch so I guess she had fun! I know Teddy fell asleep on the way home!
Also, can we talk about these boys in baby blue...
IMG_8172 IMG_8174

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