Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekend in Review

Another weekend down and another week closer to meeting baby Aspen! This weekend started off with a walk with Mom on Saturday morning. My sister met us at the park with one of my nephews and then we grabbed coffee and bagels afterwards. I still miss running, but hopefully this walking is helping progress my labor naturally. Although I did not exercise regularly with my last pregnancy, I did do some walking and often it was at this same park. We recreated a picture I took at 37 weeks pregnant with Everly since I hit 37 weeks pregnant with Aspen this weekend. I don't look too much different but I think I look like I am carrying more now (on the right).
After breakfast I headed home so that Justin could go to work. I had plans with my mom to go to Buy Buy Baby and get some baby items that I needed. It was actually a very successful trip. We used coupons for everything I bought. I got some replacement parts for my breast pump and Everly picked out a present to give to baby Aspen. We also picked up a bed rail for Everly because she has fallen out of her twin bed once. This morning she was sleeping right up against it so I guess it is doing it's job! Everly was hilarious. She was wearing two pairs of sunglasses in the car, getting cross-eyed playing with a string, and then in the store she insisted on pushing around a shopping cart and filling it with ridiculous items.

Holding Abigail
She wanted that tutu onesie because she had a "show"
After shopping we ate lunch at the splashpad. It is so fun to watch Everly run around and entertain herself. She was even spoiled with a giant cookie after lunch. I also was able to run into a store and pick up part of Everly's gift from Aspen. She has an Abigail Interactive Story Buddy and so we got her a tea set that goes with it and then I just need to get the tea party book as well. She has been very into Abigail lately and also anything tea party lately so I think she will love it.
On Sunday we got a lot of cleaning done at home and worked on some stuff for the nursery. I know it's the nesting occurring, but it really feels good to have a clean house! On Sunday evening we went to the splash pad again to have dinner and celebrate my brother-in-laws birthday. It ended up getting really windy and then started lighting as a monsoon storm rolled in so our trip was slightly shortened but Everly still had a lot of fun. I feel bad for people who dread Sunday nights because Monday is coming and they have to go back to work. I really don't feel that way and even less so when we have such a productive weekend like we did!
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