Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Nursery Updates

A few more slight updates in the nursery. I filled in the tassel garland with more tissue and I think it looks much better now. Also, one of the last projects I wanted to get done was the gallery wall area. I had bought some gold frames at Ikea, we had spray painted some other old frames gold and then last weekend I bought a cute mirror at Kohl's on clearance. My sister is also making a letter "A" for this area just like she made a letter "E" for Everly's nursery (and it is still in her new room). I was kind of stumped for a while on what to put in the frames. I had found some cute prints and ideas on Pinterest, but I didn't want to spend a lot of money so I was torn. I ended up printing a couple things that I had pinned, and I also printed a picture that Justin and I took when we were in Aspen on our honeymoon. It is not done yet, but at least it is a lot closer. Also, I got the email notification yesterday that bedding we custom ordered from Etsy was shipped and I can't wait to see it. At 9 days away from my due date today I fully understand we are cutting it a lot closer than we did with Everly's nursery, but being that this is my second I am also fully aware that she won't sleep in there for at least a month anyways! I loved Everly's nursery and although it is much different, I also really love Aspen's nursery too. Maybe she is waiting to come until I finish it...haha. I am not showing any signs of early labor yet, but I know that it can change overnight so we have started to pack a little. I put aside some things for Everly and Justin and I both have a bag started, although it is kind of hard to fully pack because I use my toiletries and electronics daily as well as still wear a lot of the clothes I want to pack. I did make a list, however, so when the time comes I am ready to finish packing.
Filled in tassel garland

A print for the wall from Pinterest
Another print for the wall
A photo we took in Aspen on our honeymoon that I got printed
totally not helping...haha.
packing lots of big sister shirts
all the nursing tanks!

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