Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Nursery Updates...and nesting!

This past weekend we made a little progress in the nursery and a lot of progress in the baby preparations. As far as the nursery, Justin hung up the book shelves that we painted. I think they look great and we actually really needed a place for books in the nursery so they are very functional as well. Also, since they are spice racks from Ikea that we painted with leftover paint from the dresser...they were cheap too! We filled them with board books because we all know babies like to rip paper.
My sister and I also got started on a tassel garland that we are going to hang on the wall behind the crib. It is going to be time consuming but we got some trial and error testing out of the way so hopefully it doesn't take too much longer. Working with tissue paper is always a joy!
As far as nesting goes I got a couple more loads of laundry done. We got the diaper bag packed as well, but more importantly we got a lot of dishes done. Justin reorganized some of our kitchen cabinets to make room for baby bibs, baby bottles, and pumping supplies while I cleaned all of those items. I also found two boxes of milk freezing bags in one of the boxes with bottle stuff so that was exciting. We boiled some bottle nipples and pacifiers and just got really organized. When getting my pump out and ready I noticed that the one of the tubes had a crack and apparently I had just dealt with it by putting a piece of scotch tape over it. I decided I should probably look into getting new tubes and when I did I discovered that Medela will send you new tubes free! They had awesome customer service and the tubes are already in the mail on their way. They also recommended I replace some other parts and others were kind of gross so I am going to pick up a few things for that in the next couple of weeks. Next up we need to get our own bags packed for the hospital, as well as a bag for Everly who will stay with my mom/sister while we are at the hospital.


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